About the Farm

Bella Farm was started at Burlington's Intervale in 2009. We are located in Monkton Vermont, where we grow organic herbs and vegetables on the rich soils of the Champlain valley. We believe that soil is the cornerstone to a sustainable food system.Through cover cropping and rotational planting we carefully manage for ultimate soil health. In addition to careful land stewardship, we also believe in contributing to our community. We do our part to make sure that local food is available and accessible to all.

Our Mission

Our mission is three fold:

  1. To continuously seek information, knowledge and experiences that help us improve our ability to care for our land and community. 
  2. To manage our land in a way that ensures the future health and vitality of the soil.
  3. To actively work against hunger in Vermont by making sure that food that is available and accessible to all members of our community, and by supporting the efforts of other farms and organizations that seek to do the same. 

Who's on our crew in 2014

Bella Farm has been owned and operated by Rachel Schattman since 2009.  Rachel grew up in Vermont, and is happy to now be settled in Addision Co. She loves greens, fresh carrots, and working outside.  Rachel is also a PhD candidate at the University of Vermont in the Department of Plant and Soil Science, where she works on issues related to climate change, agriculture, and food security. 

Faren Worthington is in her second season at Bella. Faren comes to us from Massachusetts, though she has lived in Vermont for the past several years. She finished her BS in Natural Resource Ecology last year and is now starting to pursue a career in organic plant breeding and seed production. She likes projects, overalls, food, and mornings on the porch.

Cecile Reuge is joining us this season at Bella!  She is a graduate student in the Food Systems Program at UVM and an eager volunteer with the Vermont Workers Center. She enjoys cooking, writing letters, and making friends in her free time. 

Hannah Aitken is back for her fourth season at Bella, and we are so happy to have her! Hannah graduated from UVM with a degree in Environmental Studies. She has many talents, including hip hop dance, drawing and salsa making. She started and managed the Bella Farm CSA program in 2013, and she continues to be closly involved with this part of the farm. She hails from West Hartford, CT, and is an expert at the game "Stump." 

We are excited to have such a great crew for the 2014 season!